BottlesEtG, or Ethyl Glucuronide, is the ingredient responsible for the intoxicating effect of wine, beer, and liquor and is produced by the fermentation of yeast, sugars, and starches.

Before EtG testing, the most widely available test to determine alcohol levels was through the detection of Ethyl Alcohol. This method is unreliable after four hours or less and not much use in family law cases unless the subject of the test was a severe alcoholic. Parents with less severe drinking problems, but problems nonetheless, could easily slip through the net simply by avoiding a drink for a few hours.

C1gLaRKXEAAwv5mThe following is from a timeless and beautifully written Alanon pamphlet in its entirety entitled, “The Merry-go-round Named Denial.” Written in 1958, it still aptly describes the nature of alcoholism in today’s families. Very educational and well worth the read.

The pamphlet begins:


Alcoholism is a tragic three-act play in which there are at least four characters, the drinker and his family; friends, co-workers and even counselors may have a part in keeping the Merry-Go-Round turning. Alcoholism rarely appears in one person set apart from others; it seldom continues in isolation from others.

UsingSL2Alcohol breathalyzer monitoring improves co-parenting relationships when there are concerns about one of the parent’s alcohol consumption. After one year of monitoring I sent two surveys, one to my Soberlink monitoring participants and one to the concerned parent. Thirteen monitoring participants and six concerned parents responded.