About Colleen Moore DeVere


Colleen Moore DeVere, LMFT, MAC, CAPMS is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, nationally certified Master Addiction Counselor and Addiction-Free Pain Management Specialist who has been practicing in the field of addiction since 1988.


Colleen received extensive training from the Matrix Addictions and Treatment Institute, located in Los Angeles, California and served as a program manager for an outpatient chemical dependency treatment program for seven years and consulted for an additional two years. Colleen taught relapse prevention in three California Universities.


Colleen has been providing substance use evaluations and expertise to family and criminal Courts in the State of California for over 20 years.


Colleen is certified as a Core Dynamics Coach with Great Life Technologies. The Core Dynamics is a caoching model of change that helps to permanently resolve childhood conditioning and trauma that is in the way of emotional health and an authentic way of living.



Colleen is certified as an Addiction-Free Pain Management Specialist. The addiction-free pain management model is a comprehensive cognitive and behavioral pain management strategy with the goal of decreasing the use of pain medications. This model is also highly effective in resolving psychological/emotional pain that tends to co-exist with chronic physical pain.


Colleen is available to speak to groups about substance use evalautions and abstinence and recovery monitoring in family law. She can also speak about the effective use of Soberlink in family law.


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