Addiction-Free Pain Management™


Addiction-Free Pain Management™ is a program that helps people who suffer from chronic pain addictive disorders. The program includes approximately fifteen individual sessions that provide a whole new way of managing pain. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for narcotic pain management.


The Addiction-Free Pain Management™ program includes:


tick Education about abuse potential analgesics, for example, did you know that research shows that vicodin causes an increase in pain

tick Distinguishing the difference between physical and emotional pain

tick Identify beliefs that increase pain

tick Leading-edge techniques that decrease pain by 90-100% within minutes

The results using the Addiction-Free Pain Management™ program are phenomenal. I recently worked with a client, named "Mike", who had been off work for a year because of chronic back pain. Mike felt depressed and suicidal. He was so debilitated by pain that he was unable to participate in the activities he loved. Mike's doctor kept increasing his doses to help alleviate his suffering. Unintentionally Mike began over using his pain medications so that he could gain mobility and have some semblance of a life.


When Mike came to me he was at his wits end with doctors and medical procedures. Within six months, after following the Addiction-Free Pain Management™ program, Mike was near pain free and completely off all narcotic medications.


How did it happen?


We started with education. I then helped Mike untangle the difference between physical and emotional pain. I taught Mike how to resolve the physical pain in minutes without medications. As he practiced the techniques regularly his pain almost completely resolved. Lastly, we talked about what Mike really wanted in his life and how he could stop doing activities that were out of obligation, causing stress and strain, so that he could do the things he loved.

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