man looking at drink 350One of the greatest myths about alcoholics/addicts is that it is difficult to get them to seek help. I have found just the opposite. The trick is to have an enrolling conversation with them. I have never met an addict/alcoholic who secretly does not want help. Pride and fear of the unknown get in the way of someone taking action.

Medical Cannabis1With the rise of marijuana use for medicinal purposes the question in the back of people's minds these days, especially professionals practicing in family law is, "Is all this marijuana use dangerous?" The ScienceDaily (Feb. 10, 2012) includes the following

SG Signs You May Be a Functional Addict 722x406Over the years I have found that most people come up with a stereotype – down and out, drinks in the morning, can't hold a job, and can't function in the world. In actuality, this describes a very small percentage of people who meet medical criteria for alcohol dependence. A good many of people who are dependent on alcohol are able to hold jobs, own homes, and function in the world. The term "functional alcoholic " best describes this kind of alcoholic.